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The Wealden Ad is dedicated to servicing the Weald community and striving to be the Number One Advertising Medium in the Weald area. We want to tell you more about us and how we believe we can help you.

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The Wealden Advertiser - Kent

About us

With over 50 staff, situated in Hawkhurst, Kent and conveniently located just off the A21, we distribute our magazine range across the whole of Kent and East Sussex Weald area.

We have a range of PUBLICATIONS to suit different locations or services. Established for over 35 years we are there to carry your message and deliver you to your customer's door.

All of our publications combined are seen by over 400 thousand people per month.



Wealden Ad Print

What we do

Along with our PUBLICATIONS we have many other SERVICES that we offer from within our Group, they are:

  • Studio design and typesetting services
  • Printing, including brochures, magazines, folders, stationery, leaflets and flyers
  • Carrier bag production covering a wide range of products including rope handled paper laminated, twisted paper handle Kraft bags, cotton, jute and polythene carriers
  • Wide format printing for banners, roll ups, canvases, posters, signage and large vinyl’s
  • Finishing services, from laminating to encapsulating and cutting and creasing.