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This is our online advert placement system.
Help with placing your ad

HOW TO- calculate the size of your display advert

Step One
Work out what you want to put in your advert (text and logos)

Step Two
Count the words you want in your advert. We recommend allowing 1-column centimetre (col cm) for every 10 words and an extra 1-col cm for a logo.


For example

  • 1col x 3cm -30 words or 20 words + 1 logo
  • 1col x 5cm -50 words or 40 words + 1logo
  • 2col x 5cm  -80 words + 2 logos

For larger text, reduce the number of words (words shown are a maximum for the size)

This is a guide only, for adverts including pictures, please send in the text and picture to and we will quote you.

Ad sizes